NRA diverted millions of dollars from charities to fund political efforts

By Anna Massoglia | OpenSecrets Plagued by ongoing legal issues, the NRA’s political spending declined significantly in recent years despite being one of the foremost outside forces in electoral spending as recently as the 2016 election.  The NRA faces a lawsuit from the New York attorney general to dissolve its main 501(c)(4) lobbying arm following the attorney general’s investigation of corruption charges thatContinue reading “NRA diverted millions of dollars from charities to fund political efforts”

Violent repression in Guatemala condemned by Congressional Dems

The Guatemalan government has decreed military control for 30 days in the El Estor municipality in response to peaceful protests against a mining project in the territory of the Mayan Q’eqchi’— a community of indigenous people whose ancestry predates the Spanish conquest in the 1520s. Nine Democrats in Congress and a number of Guatemalan humanContinue reading “Violent repression in Guatemala condemned by Congressional Dems”

Drug pusher admits to gun conspiracy

A New Jersey man on Friday admitted distributing cocaine and conspiring to illegally sell firearms, including multiple handguns and a semi-automatic rifle, in and around Monmouth and Ocean counties. Enrique Quijada, 24, aka “El Enano 13,” aka “Kike,” of Freehold, New Jersey, pleaded guilty by videoconference before U.S. District Judge Anne E. Thompson to aContinue reading “Drug pusher admits to gun conspiracy”

Edward Shames, last ‘Band of Brothers’ officer, dies at 99

The last surviving officer and oldest surviving member of the “Band of Brothers” has died. Col. Edward D. Shames, a World War II veteran who was the last surviving officer of “Easy Company,” the U.S. Army unit that inspired the HBO miniseries and book “Band of Brothers,” has died. He was 99. Shames’ Easy Company,Continue reading “Edward Shames, last ‘Band of Brothers’ officer, dies at 99”


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