Jack Ciattarelli to former President Barack Obama

By Jack Ciattarelli First, welcome back to New Jersey. Four years ago – almost to the day – you campaigned with then candidate Phil Murphy in the great city of Newark and endorsed his candidacy for governor. At the time, you spoke the following words: “There’s only one candidate who’s actually going to have yourContinue reading “Jack Ciattarelli to former President Barack Obama”

Prosecutor probing Oath Keepers infiltration of law enforcement

The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office (HCPO) is investigating whether individuals within county law enforcement are members of a right wing extremist group linked to white supremacy, the attempted overthrow of America’s government and other conspiracies, after hacker at Distributed Denial of Secrets shared with journalists about five gigabytes of emails, chat logs, members and donor listsContinue reading “Prosecutor probing Oath Keepers infiltration of law enforcement”

New Jersey cops, Trump administration violated the rights of innocent citizens

Three New Jersey law enforcement agencies asked the federal government share intelligence about Black Lives Matter protesters after the Justice Department gave the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) sweeping new temporary power to “conduct covert surveillance” and spy on innocent people, according to new information shared by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). TheContinue reading “New Jersey cops, Trump administration violated the rights of innocent citizens”

More Than Half of America’s 100 Richest People Exploit Special Trusts to Avoid Estate Taxes

by Jeff Ernsthausen, James Bandler, Justin Elliott and Patricia Callahan | ProPublica It’s well known, at least among tax lawyers and accountants for the ultrawealthy: The estate tax can be easily avoided by exploiting a loophole unwittingly created by Congress three decades ago. By using special trusts, a rarefied group of Americans has taken advantageContinue reading “More Than Half of America’s 100 Richest People Exploit Special Trusts to Avoid Estate Taxes”


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