Active shooter at Texas military base

Authorities are reporting an active shooter at Joint Base San Antonio, located in Texas, which is the Department of Defense’s largest combined military station.

According to the base’s Facebook page and a message posted on Twitter: "All base personnel implement LOCKDOWN procedures and immediately take cover."

A second post said there were no immediate reports of injuries after the incident that took place outside one of the gates.
The lockdown has since been lifted and there are no reports of injuries, said Lt. Col. Brian Loveless at , 802nd Security Forces Squadron commander at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland.

Loveless said a call came into dispatch shortly before noon today reporting gunshots from off-base, "allegedly coming into the installation at one our facilities," but said initial investigations "didn’t determine anything up front."
Two gunshots were reported heard coming from outside the base about 11:50 a.m., said Loveless

Loveless said the military is "trying to investigate a couple of leads to confirm that gunshots actually did take place on the installation."
Emergency responders at the base were reportedly working with the San Antonio Police Department to search for two shooters.
"No reports of anybody visually seen firing firearms on the installation" Loveless said, adding that JBSA’s own report of two shooters was "not confirmed."

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