Americans suffered 670,725 evictions since the COVID-19 pandemic began

A group that has been tracking weekly eviction filings in six states and 31 cities since March 2020 to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated policies said that 4,098 evictions in the last week bring the total since mid-March 2020 to 670,725.

The U.S. government and most states do not collect eviction data, so records are spread across more than 3,000 county court systems, which can be very difficult to access.

More than 20 months into the pandemic, millions of renters across the country still fear losing their homes and experiencing homelessness.

Policy responses to the pandemic have been insufficient to prevent a surge in evictions.

CARES Act stimulus payments and unemployment insurance–which was largely inaccessible for many ordinary Americans even as those programs were widely exploited by criminals and bis businesses–provided some families with support, but in many cases not enough to make ends meet.

Governor Phil Murphy cut off unemployment payments on Labor Day 2021 to workers who were granted special coverage by the federal government.

Some states have passed temporary eviction moratoria and localities across the country have introduced additional measures.

Once these measures expire—as New Jersey’s did on January 1—millions of renters who owe significant amounts of back rent face a displacement and eviction crisis that will exacerbate the public health crisis.

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