Some airlines push employees to get vaccine

Delta Air Lines is taking action to combat the Delta variant that has caused a surge in Covid-19 hospitalizations around the country, but United Airlines is alone in setting truly sky-high standards to prevent new infections of the aggressively contagious disease. Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian told employees that they must pay a $200Continue reading “Some airlines push employees to get vaccine”

Deluge of devastating disasters documented

Water-related hazards dominate the list of disasters in terms of both the human and economic toll over the past 50 years, according to a comprehensive analysis by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Of the top 10 disasters, the hazards that led to the largest human losses during the period have been droughts (650,000 deaths), stormsContinue reading “Deluge of devastating disasters documented”

Americans are happy to leave Afghanistan; criticize Biden’s handling of the withdrawal

With the U.S. military evacuation of Afghanistan completed – bringing America’s longest war to an end – 54% of U.S. adults say the decision to withdraw troops from the country was the right one, while 42% say it was wrong, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in the final days of that departure.Continue reading “Americans are happy to leave Afghanistan; criticize Biden’s handling of the withdrawal”

ExxonMobil lobbyist revealed how oil giant buys influence to weaken climate legislation

A senior ExxonMobil lobbyist has been captured on camera revealing how the oil giant is using its power and influence to water down US climate legislation. House Democrats who had been threatening to kill the Biden administration’s budget reconciliation proposal have been funded by industries likely to be targeted by the legislation. ExxonMobil continues toContinue reading “ExxonMobil lobbyist revealed how oil giant buys influence to weaken climate legislation”

Northern New Jersey riddled with pipelines

Northern New Jersey is pockmarked on a map from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) showing pipeline and related fossil fuel facility accidents and incidents. The map reveals gas transmission and hazardous liquid pipeline accidents and incidents going back to 2002 as well as the nation’s entire 2.8 million-mileContinue reading “Northern New Jersey riddled with pipelines”

Lightning strike kills lifeguard, injures 7 others

A 19-year-old lifeguard was killed by lightning on a beach in Ocean County, New Jersey. The Berkeley Township Police Department identified the dead lifeguard as Keith Pinto of Toms River. Pinto was fatally struck by a bolt of lightning around 4:35 p.m. Monday while on duty at the White Sands Beach in the area ofContinue reading “Lightning strike kills lifeguard, injures 7 others”

Elizabeth Police seeking missing teenager

The Elizabeth Police Department is asking for help to locate Kelly Saniya, age 17, who was last seen August 11 getting into a white Ford Mustang convertible with tinted windows and temporary out-of-state license plates.  The missing teenager is 5 ft tall weighing about 123 pounds, with brown eyes, brown hair and a light skinContinue reading “Elizabeth Police seeking missing teenager”

America’s hospitals running out of ICU beds as second Civil War deploys suicide squad

The South will not rise again, but—in the post-Trumpian rush to reinvent slavery in the form of sub-par minimum wages and weakened tax laws that enable the wealthy to subjugate working-class people economically, socially and politically—it may engage in a slow motion form of mass suicide. After 40 years of Reaganomics, Americans are suffering fromContinue reading “America’s hospitals running out of ICU beds as second Civil War deploys suicide squad”

NOW-NJ endorses 49 New Jersey Democrats, nixes Sweeney , Coughlin & Cryan

The National Organization for Women of New Jersey Political Action Committee (NOW) has endorsed 49 Democrats in the upcoming election, but the group denied support to some top Democrats Senate President Steve Sweeney, Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin and anti-abortion Senator Joe Cryan of Union County. NOW released a list of 46 candidates, including Lieutenant Gov.Continue reading “NOW-NJ endorses 49 New Jersey Democrats, nixes Sweeney , Coughlin & Cryan”

Chevron Phillips imported 24 chemicals without notifying the Environmental Protection Agency

Pollution watchdog organization Center for Environmental Health (CEH) alleged that Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, a major US chemical producer and petrochemical company, imported 24 chemicals between 2012 and 2020 without notifying the Environmental Protection Agency as required by the Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) rule under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).  These violations were disclosed by ChevronContinue reading “Chevron Phillips imported 24 chemicals without notifying the Environmental Protection Agency”

Covid-19 surge make hospitals restrict visits

Rising COVID activity has led to the return of visitation restrictions for hospitals in some parts of New Jersey. A new CDC study shows that COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective at reducing the risk of severe illness, hospitalization, and death, but protection against asymptomatic, mild, and moderate disease may decrease over time. On August 18, 2021, U.S. HealthContinue reading “Covid-19 surge make hospitals restrict visits”

Lawmakers want federal eviction moratorium extended for the duration of the pandemic

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (MA-07), along with Representatives Cori Bush (MO-01), Jimmy Gomez (CA-34) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14), led over 60 of their House colleagues in writing to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer imploring them to swiftly pass legislation to extend the federal eviction moratorium for the duration of the pandemic. The lawmakers’ letter follows theContinue reading “Lawmakers want federal eviction moratorium extended for the duration of the pandemic”

Gavin Grimm $1.3 million for legal fees in landmark transgender lawsuit

The American Civil Liberties Union announced today that the Gloucester County School Board will be ordered to pay over $1.3 million in attorney’s fees and costs requested in Gavin Grimm’s discrimination case. Gavin Grimm sued his school board for excluding him the restrooms any other boy in his school would use — simply because heContinue reading “Gavin Grimm $1.3 million for legal fees in landmark transgender lawsuit”

Pesticide cocktails kill more bees

It is clear that the world’s pollinators are under threat. A 2019 study found that almost half of all insects have disappeared since 1970 and 41 percent of insect species are at risk of extinction. Further, one in six bee species have gone locally extinct in at least one area, as AFP pointed out. But how exactly do the threats these essential animals faceContinue reading “Pesticide cocktails kill more bees”

Biden ends the United States’ longest war

The Pentagon announced the last American military planes have left Afghanistan, fulfilling President Joe Biden’s promise to the end of the United States’ longest war before the September 11 anniversary. The departure is the first time in nearly two decades that the US and its allies have not had troops on the ground in Afghanistan,Continue reading “Biden ends the United States’ longest war”

Crackpot counselor contracted Covid-19

The lawyer who got fired from representing accused Kenosha, Wisconsin, murder suspect Kyle Rittenhouse over a financial dispute, is now in a hospital struggling to survive on a ventilator with Covid-19 John Pierce was a civil attorney who reinvented himself, after burying himself in mountains of debt, as a go-to lawyer for conservative causes whoContinue reading “Crackpot counselor contracted Covid-19”

US had most hate crimes in 12 years

The number of hate crimes in America during 2020 reached the highest level in 12 years, launched by increasing assaults targeting Black and Asian victims, according to a report from the FBI. The federal agency reported a total of 7,759 hate crimes during a year unlike any other in moderns times, that was paralyzed byContinue reading “US had most hate crimes in 12 years”

Rockets target US troops at Kabul’s airport

U.S. anti-missile defenses intercepted rockets fired at Kabul’s airport early on Monday, as the United States flew its core diplomats out of Afghanistan in the final hours of its chaotic withdrawal. The last U.S. troops are due to pull out of Kabul by Tuesday, after they and their allies mounted the biggest air evacuation inContinue reading “Rockets target US troops at Kabul’s airport”

California teacher came to class with COVID, took off mask, infected half of her students

The Marin County, Calif., elementary school had been conscientious about following covid-19 protocols. Masks wererequiredindoors, desks were spaced six feet apart, and the students kept socially distant. But the delta variant found an opening anyway. On May 19, one teacher, who was not vaccinated against the coronavirus, began feeling fatigued and had some nasal congestion.Continue reading “California teacher came to class with COVID, took off mask, infected half of her students”

Salmonella outbreak report linked to Fratelli Beretta brand Italian-style meats

Thirty-six people have been reported sick from 17 states and 12 people have been hospitalized but no deaths have been reported due to an outbreak of Salmonella infections related to Fratelli Beretta brand prepackaged Italian-style meats. No cases have yet been reported in New Jersey, but the suspect product is sold nationwide. Interviews with sickContinue reading “Salmonella outbreak report linked to Fratelli Beretta brand Italian-style meats”